What does free antivirus software do?

We all know that the services of antivirus programs can be both paid and free.  The main difference between the two is that the paid packages provide users with additional security features and other useful tools depending on the type you choose, but that doesn’t mean that the free versions can’t handle the main task of all anti-viruses: keeping your network and system security. In this article we will look at what features free antivirus can offer us. 

Basic functions of free antiviruses

If we look at the basic functions of free antivirus, its main task is to activate protection processes that should immediately detect any suspicious activity or attempted intrusion and stop these malicious activities before your system becomes infected. All of this is done with a special anti-virus engine that installs protection on your PC in real-time, constantly checking files as they are downloaded and the processes associated with them.

The antivirus uses a feature called „detection“ which can detect traces of viruses, and if it does find something, the antivirus immediately disarms the malware by quarantining it.

Antivirus detection functions are constantly being updated to keep up with new types of viruses that are constantly emerging. But if the free version of the antivirus is decent, its engine should use heuristic technologies as a backup and safety net. That way it can detect viruses by their behavior on the system. 

You can also start the scanning process of your system yourself depending on your purpose. after all, different types of scans are available on the antivirus.

But the main feature of the free antivirus is that it provides the same services as the basic paid antivirus plan, only you don’t have to pay for anything.

Additional features of free antivirus

We have already figured out that the basic features of free antivirus can give the same protection as paid antivirus, but they are not so good with additional services. With the paid version you will get more features and it is quite logical because that is why they are paid but do not create a false impression that free antiviruses do not offer any add-ons.

Some free antiviruses also offer their users:

  • Firewall
  • Anti-phishing features
  • Web protection or even VPN
  • Password Manager
  • Parental control

And that’s a pretty good set because they also offer an extra layer of protection for your system and network.

The main drawbacks of free antiviruses

The most important disadvantage that pisses off many users is a large number of ads. Free cheese only in a mousetrap, so you will pay for using antivirus services without paying a monthly fee by watching ads.

But again, choosing the right free antivirus is very important here, because while some are trying to increase their income by advertising as much as possible, others are trying to keep advertising visibility to a minimum. Some of the most popular free antiviruses do not show any ads at all.

What does free antivirus software do?

Free antivirus software can provide basic protection to its users and does it quite well, but it is also willing to provide some add-ons to its basic functions.

But still, paid antiviruses are a head above the free versions, and open up more options for their users. nevertheless, if you don’t see overpaying more and you are satisfied with just reliable protection free antiviruses are always at your service. The main thing is to choose a good antivirus with positive reviews and high ratings.