Best VoIP headsets 2021

VoIP is one of the most common and convenient ways to communicate with colleagues inside the company or with customers or partners from the outside. Having a special and high-quality headset is extremely important for any business, whether it is equipment for office workers or specifically for yourself, so in this article, we have made a selection of the best VoIP headsets for today. Choose your ideal headset that meets your needs in price, comfort, and quality.

Jabra Evolve 75 Overview

There are many reasons why we included the Jabra Evolve 75 in this list. and one of them is the comfortable use, comfortable and pleasant design of the device. But these features can be considered a nice addition, as this headset is also ready to offer you an excellent noise cancellation. This option is perfect for a noisy office when everyone is busy with their work, the headphones will perfectly abstract you from outside extraneous sounds and allow you to do your business without distraction. If we talk about the sound quality, on the whole, it is very satisfactory, although you can notice noise in the higher frequency.

The microphone is located on the right side, and if at some time you do not need it you can attach it to a special strap. In addition, the headset has an excellent performance in sound capture and transmission, and the only drawback is the lack of pause and playback control.

Poly Blackwire 7225 Review

Unlike our usual bulky headset, the Poly Blackwire 7225 is very lightweight and minimized, focused on not giving you any unnecessary inconvenience. The headphones are great to wear all day long without making you feel tired. You can avoid having to take the headphones on and off all the time because they have noise cancellation control.

This headset is not only suitable for professional purposes, but it is also great for listening to music, as it has all the playback control features. Another strong point is the quality of sound capture. Four omnidirectional microphones have been built into the headphones, allowing the people on the other end of the wire to hear you well no matter what.

Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS Review

This headphone company has earned a good reputation for quality sound, and the MB 660 model keeps all the canons perfectly intact. This headset is suitable for any purpose, whether for domestic use or professional use.

The headphones have a built-in noise-canceling feature to keep the sound clear on both sides of the microphone. Also, Sennheiser MB 660 features several modes:

  • Cinema
  • Director
  • Club
  • Speech

The headphones are portable and easy to carry in a bag, the build quality is top-notch and the battery can hold a charge for a long time.

Logitech H600 Review

The Logitech H600 has a lower price than previous models because it has an unremarkable design and not very expensive manufacturing materials, but that does not mean that it is not suitable for VoIP. The headphone battery lasts a full 6 hours without recharging, it is portable and has a good sound performance.

This model is wireless and works with a USB dongle, but it is small enough so users need to be careful not to lose it. Without this key, the headphones will not work.