Features You May Look For in a Document Management Software Package

Document management software is an application used for storing, handling and retrieving documents and thus reducing paper used in document management. All such applications are capable of storing a document version of themselves and the different versions created and altered by other users. These applications are generally based on computer systems. Document Management Software can be installed within a network and/or LAN and Internet. In case of a network-based document management software, users can access this application from any place.

Document Management Software helps organizations in creating workflows that simplify document workflow. Workflows enable one user to perform multiple functions like creation, modification, review, and storage. This facilitates document management and worksheets functionality, document security, workflow organization and data management. Workflow capabilities help organizations define workflow requirements and perform these tasks efficiently. The most common workflow procedures include workflow requirements, versioning, automatic updates and document retrieval.

A powerful document management software allows users to create, modify and delete workflows and document permissions. Permissions indicate who has access to a particular workflow and also the scope of that access. Organizational permission allows the user to edit a particular version while the rest remains hidden. Hidden permissions prevent certain documents from being deleted or edited by other employees. One can also grant permissions to specific team members or sub-teams for specific purposes.

Many document management software packages available today provide mobile device access to the application. Some of these software come with web-based apps that work on the go. The security aspects of the application are enhanced by installing antivirus and anti-malware software. In many cases, companies that use mobile device access also install secure protocols on their mobile devices to protect their business environment from theft and misuse.

Document management software also provides features that simplify document storage and collaboration. These features ensure that business users can access any document whether they are in the office or on the road. Many document management systems come with a document archiving component that stores documents in a safe and secured online storage site. Online storage services can secure emails and other documents to improve the security of business environments. Others rely on secure remote storage such as the SharePoint cloud or the older Exchange server programs.

Document archiving and data security are important elements of a good software package because they help ensure compliance with international standards. Standards such as HIPAA define the data security requirements for electronic documents. Businesses that have a document management system also get software that has built-in audit capabilities to ensure compliance with these standards.